Neutral Spine – What it is and Why We Care!

I talk about neutral spine often in Pilates class.  I've come to realize, however, that some are still not quite sure what that means.  Neutral spine is so important to your Pilates practice.  It's how we ensure we keep your spine safe, happy and healthy.  Let's take a few minutes to dive in and better … Continue reading Neutral Spine – What it is and Why We Care!

12South Pilates Experience

I recently purchased a second reformer and began offering Pilates Duets classes at 12South Pilates.  I've found working out with a friend keeps me more accountable, motivated and excited about my workouts.  I wanted to offer this same experience to my clients. A  couple gals, Karen and Christa, from ACTIVEBUYS  came over  last week for … Continue reading 12South Pilates Experience