12South Pilates Experience

I recently purchased a second reformer and began offering Pilates Duets classes at 12South Pilates.  I’ve found working out with a friend keeps me more accountable, motivated and excited about my workouts.  I wanted to offer this same experience to my clients.

A  couple gals, Karen and Christa, from ACTIVEBUYS  came over  last week for one of my first duet sessions in my studio.  The gals were kind enough to blog about their experience (see below).  Thanks Karen and Christa for working hard and your kind words!!

Pilates Made Easy

As the two of us walked into Lucie’s warm and inviting home, we had very different perceptions on Pilates, but I think we both walked out stronger, more educated and balanced. One of us had never done Pilates on the mat or the reformer before. The other had practiced Pilates for many years prior. I know that sometimes the most difficult sessions for a trainer are when you have two participants of very different abilities and strengths. I had a feeling Lucie would be ready for the challenge, and in the end she knocked it out of the park!

Lucie doing Teaser

But, first a little about Pilates for those who have never tried it out. Pilates originated from Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s as a way of rehabilitation. The Pilates “method” is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk. Throughout the years, different methods/brands of Pilates have been developed and practiced, but at the core remains the philosophy of Joseph Pilates. Pilates classes are usually done either on the reformer or a mat. The reformer is similar to the “Total Gym” with a carriage that glides with springs attached and allows one to complete numerous exercises. Other equipment includes the Cadillac, wunda chair, high chair, ladder barrel, and spine corrector. Other props can include a magic circle, exercise balls big and small, and hand weights. Classes on the reformer are typically done with either one participant (a “solo”), two participants (a “duet”), or in a small group. Some studios offer group reformer classes with even more participants per class. Mat classes can be done either on a yoga mat or on the “tower.” Ok, now onto our duet with Lucie.

12South Pilates Reformers

Once upstairs in her home studio, she introduced us to the equipment we would be using, a Pilates reformer, told us a little bit about what we were going to do and asked us a series of questions to get comfortable with our individual capabilities.  We were both immediately impressed with her ability to break down the parts of the body we would be working into simple and clear terms.

Getting Long and Lean On The Reformer

Then it was time to start. Lucie took the time to carefully explain each movement and was constantly checking our posture to ensure that we were safe and not in danger of injury.  For the Pilates novice, she found that the movements were not difficult and very doable, and she quickly realized which muscles are strong and which ones are not!  For the Pilates veteran, she connected with new areas of her body and found new ways to identify with Pilates for a more effective workout.

To sum it up, Lucie provided a well-educated, professional and very effective workout in her home studio that we both loved. Be sure to check out 12South Pilates’ class schedule with mat classes twice a week in the 12South area and Pilates in the Park on Saturdays. She also does in-home personal training.

2 thoughts on “12South Pilates Experience

  1. I have been attending Lucie’s classes with a friend for months and the reformer has changed me for the better. To name a few, I have better posture, I have a smaller waist and my abs are more defined. Lucie is a great instructor and always checks your posture and positions. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

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