Looking Deep to Find My Core!

pilates_0466Has anyone seen my core? Sometimes in Pilates I think we lose our core. We get lazy or we start to move too quickly. We go through the motions. Our arms and legs appear to be doing the right movement but we aren’t really using our core.

I am reminded of my very first Pilates class. It was a mat Pilates class and I can confidently say I did just about every thing wrong! There was no core engagement going on for me but by gosh my arms were moving in unison with the person next to me! When the instructor said point your toe – I did! Breathing – well that wasn’t really something I was worried about. I figured as long as I didn’t pass out … did it really matter when I exhaled? I left that class feeling nothing in my core and wondering what the big deal was with Pilates!

Fortunately, I went back and took another class with a more qualified instructor who explained the importance of core engagement and breathing. What a difference that made!

I find sometimes my students are reluctant to do the Pilates breath or inclined to want to rush the movements. I always tell new students of everything I will say to you the two most important things I want you to take away are: 1. What is my core doing 2. Am I breathing?  Beyond that, we can figure out the rest later or as we go!

If you find yourself not really ‘feeling’ your core or having the desire to push the pace … stop and take a breath. Focus. Reach deep for your core muscles. Breath – utilize all those muscles a full breath can engage. Still not feeling it? Ask for help – that is what I am there for!

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