Photo Shoot!

Back in the Fall, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and update our 12South Pilates photos!  With the new space, it just felt right to have some new photos taken to showcase our lovely space and the equipment I’ve added since my last shoot. Two of my students Hayley and Lori were kind enough to join me for the shoot. Thanks girls – you did great!!

And we were fortunate to have the talented John Schweikert as our photographer. I spent a few weeks playing around in the studio to decide what movements we should photography. While Pilates is a beautiful practice – no one wants a picture of their derriere in the air!  Some of my favorite movements didn’t photography as well as other. I also had fun working on perfecting my form and figuring out what angles worked the best.

The gals who participated in the photo shoot will tell you – it’s a whole new exercise when you hold a pose long enough to take photos from every angle. I think we were all a little sore in a good way the next day.

You may have noticed some of the new photos and here are a few more for you to see. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!pilates_0458.jpgpilates_0362-2.jpgpilates_0326.jpgpilates_0237.jpgpilates_0221-2.jpg

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