March MATness is Among Us!

pilates_0170It’s March MATness again!  What is that you ask? It’s a month dedicated to celebrating Joseph Pilates’ mat work. How can you participate? It’s really quite simple – grab a mat, a towel or a spot on a rug and practice mat Pilates this month. The beauty of mat Pilates is you can do it just about any where. You can do as much or as little as you like.

Often when I travel, I will do a 15 minute mat workout using a towel as my mat. That may not seem like much, but it is enough to keep me feeling good and my body moving right.

So now that you know what March MATness is – let’s get into why you should participate. We all have things we are working on or areas we can improve on. Whether it’s a flexibility goal, weight lose goal, toning goal or ‘steps’ goal … adding a little mat work will help get you there. It is also fun and motivating to have challenges. You could challenge yourself or a friend to commit to a 10 minute morning routine. You’ll be surprise what you can accomplish when you stick to it in that short amount of time. Planks are hard for you? What if you worked on planks regularly? Before long planks would not be your nemesis. Instead of dreading planks – you may just find yourself looking forward to them!

To help you out this month, I have attached a link to my youtube page with lots of free mat workouts. Whether you want to tone thighs or target lower abs – you’ll find a video to suit your needs here! I hope you enjoy it and have fun this March on the mat.



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