New vs. Old

pilates_0576.jpgI love to try new things with Pilates. I am always looking for ways to challenge you and new movements we can work on. I like to keep it interesting and keep our bodies guessing. I don’t ever want us to become complacent or to anticipate what is coming next. There is a challenge in the surprise element.

At the same time, there is a benefit to some consistency. When you come to class, you may notice while we try new things, we also consistently do certain movements. Some movements, I believe most of us could use like extension and chest expansion. Let’s face it, most sit and lean forward too much. Anything we can do to correct this posture is a good thing. Hundreds are another one we rarely miss. It’s a good measuring stick of your progress. It is good to check in to see is this easier, am I more in control, and do I feel stronger here?

I also like to ask you what you think you need today? Often, my students will have something in mind they are hoping we can do. Maybe they feel like they need some lengthening in their hip flexors or some lifting of the gluts … Pilates classes are for your needs and I love your input. While we are trying to be flexible in our bodies, I am happy to be flexible in your class, too 🙂

Next time you are in class, see how you feel doing each movement. Check your body and find where you excel and where you have opportunity. Old movements can become new movements when we learn how to engage and use our bodies properly. Experience the old and the new in Pilates!



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