Pilates Instructors are Perfectionist!

pilates_0036If you have taken a Pilates class with a PMA Certified Instructor, you’ve probably noticed we are a nit-picky crew! Evenly press across all five metatarsals, keep that knee lined up over the hip bone, press down with your hands, exhale on the return, and so on! Why are we so darn picky in Pilates? We are picky because often times a tiny change in position can change how you feel the work and what you are actually working.

In Pilates, it can be fairly easy to compensate and ‘cheat’ so to speak. I don’t believe most students intentionally cheat … but when presented with a movement we can’t quite accomplish or our body is still working on, we often mimic the movement with the wrong muscles. We use what we have. We use our bigger, stronger muscles when we can’t find or don’t quite have strength in our smaller, stabilizing, and supporting muscles. We all do it. I do it. That’s why as an instructor, it’s my job to be a perfectionist. It’s my job to help you unlock, develop, and engage those under-utilized muscles. It’s my job to help you build a balanced body.

We are also perfectionists in Pilates class because we want to give you the best chance to succeed in whatever else you do! Learning to line up your knees properly or evenly press across your foot – gives you a better chance of walking and running in a proper alignment. Teaching you how to keep your shoulders down and engage your lats, gives you an awareness of your posture so you can avoid back issues and neck issues.

Learning good habits in Pilates can transcend to better habits in life!

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