Music Makes it Better


Hundreds to the Music!

Have you heard a song on the radio or at a friend’s house and it took you somewhere? We all have songs that remind us of a good time, special moment, or even a bad experience. Songs capture memories in our lives.

Lately I have been bored with my usual playlists. To mix it up I put my iPod on shuffle for all of my music. Let me tell you, we’re been listen to some oldies, odd balls and more.  Occasionally, a Christmas song slips in, too, but I try to fast forward those pretty quickly 😉 What I have found is some songs I haven’t heard in quite a while that seem just so right for me right now!

I like to think we all have a theme song for our lives. That theme song may certainly change as your life changes. What fun it is to hear a song and realizes – Yes that is me!! Lately, I’ve had that moment several times as I explore my music library again. It is fun to find songs you can relate too! It is also inspiring.

Needing a little workout motivation? Find your theme song and songs and put together a special ‘You’ mix. That always works for me!





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