Giving Pilates a Chance!

Pilates Reformers at 12South Pilates

I had another post written for today.  What I like to do is write a post – let it sit for at least an hour or so – then re-read it before hitting send.  Trust me, this process is a good one because it’s saved you, the reader, from a few rants that were best left kept to myself!  I try to keep things positive here!  I was following this process when I stumbled across a blog entry from another pilates instructor.  It really hit home with me and I wanted to share it with you!

This blog is about what to expect when trying pilates for the first time and also how to get the most out of pilates as a new student.  I’ve had quite a few new students lately (I love new students!) and this message seemed very timely.

The message also hit home with me because it mirrored my first experience with Pilates and specifically the reformer.  Some of you may know – when I set out to become a pilates instructor I was really only interested in teaching mat classes but the training required equal training on the reformer.  I begrudgingly accepted that and went to my first reformer class.  I was required to complete 3 privates before I could begin my training. At the time, I was spinning instructor and a runner competing in several races.  I considered myself to be in pretty good shape.  In my first reformer session, the instructor explained the basics and had me start with some double leg work – it was ridiculously easy – or so I thought.  I felt I should tell her I’m in better shape than this so she didn’t need to ‘baby’ me.  She told me to trust her and trust the process.  I was skeptical.  I left my first session feeling like I had not worked very hard at all.  I was missing the mind-body connection and trying to compare pilates to weight lifting. I had two more private sessions  – and it took all three for me to ‘get it’.  I always tell my students that Pilates is deceiving – it’s working muscles you don’t realize you have and harder than you think!  Slowing down, paying attention, and really following the guidance of a skilled instructor will change a ho hum workout into something special.  Within about a week- I feel in love with the reformer and within a month was amazed at how my body was transformed.

I hope you will enjoy this blog entry as much as I did!  If you are new it’s a good primary and if you have been at pilates it’s a good reminder on how to get the most out of a class!

4 Ways to Get More Out of your Pilates Session – Read this if you Think Pilates is Weird!

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