Comments Please!

If you have ever wondered how I settle on my blog topics each week – it’s a pretty organic process.  Generally, something or somethings happen or are noticed or said that stick in my mind.  Usually it’s the same message coming from different sources.

This week’s blog is a prime example!  Last Thursday I attended a Google event about optimizing one’s website and visibility.  The speaker made the point that despite having a good experience – clients or customers are rarely moved to go online and leave feedback.  They will, however, take the time to voice an opinion based on a bad experience.  That got me thinking.

And then this morning I taught a couple new clients a Pilates Duet session.  At the end of the session one of the students took the time to tell me how much she enjoyed it and how it exceeded her expectations.  She explained she had tried the reformer locally before and not had the same experience.  Later that day I received an email again saying “today was fabulous!”  It really made my day!

I thought about how often I too am quick to point out what I don’t like (don’t even get me started on AT&T continually sending me special offers picked out just for me that it turns out I’m not actually eligible for!)  But how often do I comment or leave feedback when I appreciate a service or love a product?  Not often enough!  Small businesses, instructors, entrepreneurs and even folks part of something big depend on that kind of encouragement to keep going and to know that they are delivering what customers/clients want, need and like.  Good comments provide the fuel to keep businesses running and delivering.

So today I’m giving you an assignment!  You have a couple options:

1. Verbally tell a business that you like it or like the service.  It could be as simply as telling the Barista at Starbucks that you love that your drink is always the same and just right.


2. Comment online!  Just about every site (even blogs) give you the chance to say something nice.

Here’s your chance to say thank you to a company you like and quite possibly provide the support and promotion to keep your favorite place running along smoothly.  We could all benefit from a little positive energy – so here’s your chance to contribute!  And no – this is not a shameless attempt to get good feedback for me – I got mine today 🙂

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