40 Day Challenge

Not the Best Use of a Reformer!

A couple random occurrences this past week have made me nostalgic about my pilates training at Pendleton Pilates in Cincinnati. I was in the best shape of my life during that training program- and I loved it!  Not just the feeling of being so strong, but the hard-work, the learning new things and the chance to see myself improve. As part of the training I pretty much practiced reformer pilates every day for 4 months.

I teach private pilates classes from my home- I have a reformer at my disposal 24-7.  I have to walk around it most of the time unless I actually and rarely roll it away.  And yet – I don’t hop on the reformer as much as I’d like to.  Life gets in the way.  I’m busy teaching others. I’m busy with my marketing consulting work. And sometimes I just want to unwind and not workout after teaching a bunch of classes. But I still miss it!

So in the name of lent I’m taking on a 40 day challenge – Pilates Reformer 6 days a week for the next 40 days. I’m giving myself Sunday off because I think it’s good to have a little recovery time and I do my long runs on Sundays. To qualify as a workout – I’m setting a 20 minute minimum time limit. Too often I get in the mindset that if I don’t have time to workout for an hour why bother? I’m excited to make the reformer a ‘habit’ again for the next 40 days. I think my consistent workouts while sometimes shorter will be a welcome change.  I’m excited too because I know my body will be challenged and reap the benefits.

So regardless of whether you are catholic, religious at all or not- what could you do for 40 days?

Could you get up 15 minutes earlier and do a stretching routine before work?

Could you take a 10 minute break from your desk and walk every afternoon?

Could you do pushups and roll-downs every night?

Could you take an exercise ball to work with you and sit on it for 30 minutes to an hour?

Often we feel we have to make huge changes to get results.  Wouldn’t a small change be better than no change? Making this small change 6 days a week will add up!  My 20 minute sessions 6 days week will add up to two extra hours of working out a week!

So I challenge YOU to join me for the next 40 days with a goal of your own. I’d love to hear what you are going to do- together we can hold each other accountable!  Comment with your challenge and that will be your commitment!

Good luck!!

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