Top 10 Reasons to Try Pilates

While I’m getting married you get the treat of viewing one of my top posts from the past. Enjoy and I’ll be back with new updates after the honeymoon 🙂

There are infinite reasons to try Pilates but today we are just going to focus on the top ten!

1.  Breathing – Most of us do it everyday!  Did you know however the diaphragm can be made stronger with Pilates?  Stronger breath control means you’ll get winded less often and do a better job of suppling oxygen to your working muscles during a strenuous activity.

2. Core – If you have ever wondered how to get rid of your muffin top or get the abs you used to have before a pregnancy – Pilates is for you. Guys – looking for 6-pack abs – Pilates is for you! Pilates works ALL the muscles of the core – even the deep internal ones and the lower abs (think below the hip bones).  You can’t get rid of a muffin top if you don’t work those low abs

3. Symmetry – Are you an avid runner, biker, golfer or insert favorite sport here _________ ?  That’s great but you are probably working towards your next injury if you don’t work to find some symmetry  in your body.  Being dedicated to one sport and one set of strong muscles leads to imbalance in the body.  Strong muscles take over pushing knee caps to one side, pulling on backs or hips and an number of other issues. Pilates works to develop the deep stabilizing and supporting muscles.  Not only will you be more symmetrical and supported as you workout – you will most likely improve your performance in your sport of favor. These supporting muscles can help with the motion you are trying to create.

4. Balance – This goes hand in hand with symmetry. Try standing on one foot while reading this post.  Having trouble?  Those supporting muscles and deep muscle are needed to create balance. Once again strong muscles pulling or pushing – being bullies really- create an environment where it is hard to balance.  Balance is more important than many realize.  You’ve heard of elderly folks falling and breaking a hip?  Well- that’s lack of balance. Do you consider yourself a clutz?  Balance could be the issue- everyone gets bumped or thrown off balance but those with strong balance can recover without issue.  Balance helps you catch yourself.

5. Arms – Do you covet the lean, toned arms of celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller?  They all do pilates.   Pilates works to elongate muscles – making them toned and lean not bulky.

6.  Waist – Want to have a waistline?  You’ll need to tone your transverse abdominals as well as your obliques.  Crunches won’t do that for you but Pilates will!

7. Legs – Similar principle as arms here folks!  Do you want leaner legs?  Then stop just working out your quads.  All you will achieve are bigger quads.  Pilates works all the muscles of your legs- especially those inner and outer thighs we have a love hate relationship with.  Toned muscles are much better looking than flabby neglected muscles!

8. Social Time – Pilates is a great exercise to do with others.  Studies show people who workout with a training partner are more dedicated and skip workouts less.  It is also important to schedule time with friends or family in your life – to find that balance too.  Pilates works for all ages and ability levels – so you and your mom or significant other could easily take the same class together. Pilates can fill that role of social time as well as a workout.

9.  Don’t like to sweat? – Pilates is not a dripping wet, feel like my heart is going to explode workout.  Yes you will raise your heart rate some – but you will remain aerobic. Many find that Pilates can be done in the morning before work or at lunch. With just a quick freshen up – you are good to go after – no need to shower, redo hair and makeup. If you don’t like a drippy workout- Pilates could be for you!

10.  Posture – Building strong muscles in both your spine and your abdomen will make it virtually impossible or really uncomfortable for you to have bad posture.  Bad posture stems from poor muscle support and lack of body awareness- Pilates works on both of those.  Have you noticed how confident folks with good posture look?  Or how sloppy folks with poor posture look?  Posture is not just about looking good – it’s important as we age – to keep our spines healthy and our range of motion intact.  Workout now to avoid being a hunchback later!

These are just a few of the many reasons to try pilates. I could have also mentioned its fun and rewarding – but I’ll save that for another post!  Do yourself a favor and try pilates – at least one time!

I often hear “Oh wow- this was not what I expected!”  You just may be pleasantly surprised!!

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