Eating Out and Eating Healthy in 12South

I’ll be back next week – until then enjoy this tasty post that was a big hit last Spring!

One of the comments or concerns or in some cases excuses I hear quite often is ‘I can’t eat out and still eat healthy’. I agree, it can require a bit more attention and consideration, but it can be done! Often we think we have to decide between eating out with friends or sticking to our healthy eating goals. Part of being happy and living a balanced life is being social and having friends to share our highs and lows with. Let’s face it – much of what we do socially involves food or drink!

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite healthy things to eat right here in 12South! We are fortunate to have lots of great restaurants and there is no reason to avoid them or avoid your friends in the pursuit of healthy!

1. Edley’s – You might be surprised to see a barbeque restaurant topping my list of healthy places to eat! Lean meat and vegetables however are what our bodies crave and Edley’s can fit the bill here. I love their Southern Salad with smoked turkey or chicken but hold the cheese and croutons. It’s guilt-free, paleo-friendly and delicious.  I usually add a little pico de gallo as my dressing or sometimes a bit of barbecue sauce. Yum!

2. The Taproom – Just because it’s a beer joint – don’t write off the Taproom! My fiancé loves their grilled salmon and broccoli.  I often get a plain burger (no bun) and a side of asparagus.  Their burgers have bits of onion mixed in making them tasty and vitamin rich too! Last time I was there I had folks asking me what I ordered because they wanted to order the same thing it looked so good!

3. BLVD – The brussel sprout salad is quite delicious and unlike brussel sprouts you may find at other locations, these are not fried or cooked in lots of fat. They are raw and just plain tasty.

4. Burger Up – Burger Up offers a side of steamed spinach that goes well with your burger (choose lamb, bison or beef) or chicken breast. I opt for no bun and enjoy!

5. Epice – If you haven’t been here yet – I’d say make plans to go!  Their brochettes (kabobs to you and me) with grilled meats and vegetables are delicious. All meals come with a small side salad of fresh, crunchy, green ingredients. The food is delicious, well-seasoned, and guilt-free!

6. Urban Grub – I love the peel and eat shrimp! Your fingers will be a bit messy but it’s worth it. They generally have a vegetable such as broccoli that you could order as well. (Remember – only in the South is macaroni and cheese considered a vegetable … and it’s not part of our healthy eating!)

7. Las Paletas – And finally for dessert … why not choose a fruit popsicle? Sure it has some natural sugar in it but it is also made with real fruit, no preservatives or artificial flavors. If you need a sweet treat – why not get a little vitamin C, too!

Here are a few more pointers if you are looking to eat out and eat healthy here in our neighborhood. Unless you are six and under, there is no sticker to be had for cleaning your plate! Eat a normal size portion and leave the rest or take it with you. If you are thirsty, drink water first before ordering a drink. I make it a point to always have water with my meals. I drink water to quench my thirst and then if I choose a glass of wine or other beverage I enjoy it for the taste. Don’t be afraid to ask your server to omit an item such as cheese or croutons or a sauce from your order. Consider ordering a couple sides or appetizers instead of a full entree.  Share items with friends!  And finally … take time to enjoy your meal. Eating slower will allow your body to digest your food better and will also give your body time to feel full.

Happy Dining in 12South!


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