Climbing, scaling and conquering the jungle!
Climbing, scaling and conquering the jungle!

I think it is human nature to avoid the things we are not good at. I have been guilty! I find this for myself with certain Pilates moves and running stairs. This past Fall I made it a goal to work on some of those things I was avoiding like rolling like a ball on the mat. Knowing I would be attending my annual Pilates Conference, I decided I would challenge myself to practice, practice, practice the moves that have given me trouble. The good news – I made progress and mastered some moves! I now roll like a ball like a pro! I became even stronger and liked the results I achieved. It was not always easy and not always fun but it was worth it. Mastering a few new moves also made some of my routine moves easier.

On our honeymoon I was forced to embrace stairs … lots of stairs! Just to get to our treehouse was 136 stairs and add to that daily excursions and lots of climbing. By the end of the week, my bum felt so toned and I felt much stronger. I came home and decided to keep up my stair work … now stairs are not something I avoid while running. I actually seek out stairs and I feel strong and powerful while I run them. I had convinced myself that stairs hurt my knees but what I realized is I just needed to be stronger to be pain free.

What do you avoid? What could you work on? For me working on the Pilates moves was a goal. Running stairs was necessary. Whatever your reason, embrace what you are avoiding and you may be surprised by what you discover about yourself and achieve.

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