Are You a Good Student or a Bad Student?

Happy students learning something new! (and we'll have TRX soon at 12South Pilates!)
Happy students learning something new! (and we’ll have TRX soon at 12South Pilates!)

We like to have fun at 12South Pilates and don’t take our workouts too seriously. We are seriously working hard but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little laughter and joking around, too. I have had students teasingly say, “I bet I’m on your bad student list!”  I am fortunate in that I can honestly say – I have no bad students!

If you are wondering what your teacher thinks of you … here’s my list on what makes a good student and bad student:

Bad Student:

  • A bad student doesn’t listen to directions and thinks she already know what we are going to do
  • A bad student does her own thing from time to time or does not work at the same pace as the rest of the class
  • A bad student is not willing to try new things
  • A bad student does not show up on time consistently
  • A bad student wants to talk more than workout
  • A bad student has a bad attitude and grumbles through the workout
  • A bad student doesn’t really want to do the work but still expects results

Good Student:

  • A good student listens, asks questions and really wants to understand the work
  • A good student realizes she will not be perfect at every movement on the first try and is willing to work at it
  • A good student shows up on time and follows the program
  • A good student has a positive attitude and is encouraging to others
  • A good student may joke or talk some but does not let this get in the way of the workout
  • A good student shares any issues, limitations or concerns and is willing to try things that are deemed safe for their body
  • A good student offers feedback to the teacher
  • A good student is committed and realizes her success depends on what she is willing to put in

Once again let me say … if you are a 12South Pilates current student … you are on the good list 🙂

What I have found, however, in my teaching of other disciplines and in gym settings is students some times feel their only job is to show up. I call it the bootcamp mentality:  I just have to show up, the instructor is going to yell at me to do what she wants, I get to complain through the whole workout and make excuses for the parts I really don’t want to do, I may break a sweat and then go home and tell everyone how miserable boot camp was today.  To me … I’d say why bother. I have no interest in being yelled at, doing something I don’t enjoy, or feeling the need to make excuses to not do what is being asked of me. Yuck.  If you find yourself in that rut … maybe it’s time to try something else. If you can identify more with the bad student than the good … maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. Is the workout you are doing the right one for you? There are many ways to be fit and active. Explore and find one you like. Find one that let’s you be a good student!

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