12South Pilates – Year in Review

2013 has been a wonderful year here at 12South Pilates. In January, the Pilates Arm Chair was added to the studio and it’s been a big hit with students. This summer, a third reformer joined our setup making trios and group classes a popular option. September marked 12South Pilates Second Anniversary!  It’s hard to believe a small dream has taken off and become a business that brings me so much joy!Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 10.18.13 AM

This year I completed Bella Bellies® Postpartum Pilates Teacher Training as well as participating in the Annual PMA Conference in the fall.  Next year (thanks to an ice storm this year!) I will be participating in Post Rehab and Chronic Conditions training for Pilates – PRIME.  I always tell my students and I truly believe with Pilates it is important to keep learning and growing.  Even the simplest of movements we can continue to perfect and experience in new ways in our bodies.

I also had the pleasure of working with many wonderful new students and making many new friends this year.  I have had many students discover strength and tone in ways they never had before.  We’ve unlocked some great abs this year! I have helped students with ITB issues find an answer. I have shown students how to alleviate their back pain and build core strength. I have worked with tight hip flexors, unstable hips, hyper mobile joints, recovery from a hip injury, spinal issues, shoulder issues and more.  It is always so rewarding for me to help a student find peace and comfort in their body.

There was quite a baby boom this year at 12South Pilates. I had the privilege of working with several expecting moms getting them ready for childbirth as well as helping moms regain their shape and strength post baby.  A big welcome goes out to Baby George, Baby Evie Grace, and Baby Caroline – we can’t wait to have your mommies back in the studio!  And we’ll welcome a few more babies in early 2014 too!  This is such a special population that needs and deserves the right care and proper workout.  I have truly enjoyed learning and growing as a Pilates instructor for pre and postnatal women.

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I can’t wait to see where 2014 takes us and I look forward to seeing each of you and working on your Pilates goals!

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