Remembering but still Rejoicing!

I’ve been busy getting ready for the holidays – decorating, shopping, wrapping and enjoying some time with friends too. And amidst all of this fun and festivity, I was reminded of the one year anniversary of Sandy Hook. I was saddened as I realized how hard it must still be for these families to prepare for Christmas missing a loved one. The same can be said for loved ones lost in combat, to car accidents, cancer and so on.

My Angel - a true honor!
My Angel – a true honor!

This got me wondering is it fair for me to be happy and joyful when others are just trying to get through it all? Am I being smug with my ‘good’ life and showing off?  What is the alternative?

I came to the conclusion that yes it is right to celebrate, to be joyful and to spread cheer.  That happiness may rub off or help someone else for a moment forget their own sadness. It is also right to be sensitive to others situation and feelings. If I focus on my health, my family and the opportunities I have not the presents, I am not being smug but being grateful.

This holiday season, I hope all take time to be grateful and spread some good cheer.  You never know what that ‘Merry Christmas’  and smile may mean to a stranger having a tough day.

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