What To Do!

I’m usually a pretty productive person. These last few weeks, it seems I’ve had a lot to do! And my schedule isn’t completely full so in theory I should have time to do my ‘to dos’. At the end of each day though, as I look back I don’t feel like I have made that much progress. I don’t seem to have as much to show for the day as I think I should. I don’t feel as productive as I usually do. That’s got me wondering why?IMG_0498

I believe part of the problem is I am allowing myself to be distracted by things that I really don’t need to do! While it’s fun to catch up on TV shows, check Facebook, look for recipes and so on – these are the time sucks that are keeping me unproductive. And these are the things I should do once I have accomplished what I need to for the day not before!

The other problem I’ve realized is I’ve stopped making my usual lists. When I put something on a list it gets done! I don’t forget about or put it off – I take care of it. The list holds me accountable and without it I seem to be giving myself permission to slip a bit. It feels good to cross things off the list, too! I also feel less stressed with a list – I know what I need to do and don’t worry about what I may be forgetting.

It is a busy time of year and there is plenty to do but staying on top of it, not letting distractions derail me is the best way to be able to enjoy it. And this goes for my health and fitness too. Sometimes I just need to make an appointment or make a commitment to working out to get it done. My intentions are good but without that commitment – time dwindles and before long I’m putting off until tomorrow!

So while Santa is making his list and checking it twice – so am I! Sometimes it’s something as simple as that that we need to remind us where we should spend our time and keep us on the right path. If you are feeling the stress of the holidays – I encourage you to make a list of the important things and let the rest wait for another day.

Happy Holidays from 12South Pilates!


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