Feeling 22?

Yesterday while I was driving to the gym to teach, I heard Taylor Swift’s new song – Feeling 22. The lyrics go something like “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” and proceed to talk about how carefree and fun life is at 22. For about a second, I thought – Oh to be 22 again. That thought only last about a second! When I think about who I was and where I was when I was 22 versus today – no way would I trade places!

While at times it can be appealing to be younger, look younger, have more spring in our step or more time to accomplish our dreams, the reality is we are on a journey that gets better with time if we let it. At 22, I was insecure. I felt the need to dress like my friends and didn’t have the courage to be my own person. At 22, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life or even what I could do. I had never heard of Pilates at 22. I found relationships that put me second and I was OK with that at 22. At 22, I didn’t have the courage to try something unexpected like traveling to Europe by myself or opening my own business. At 22, I had a more youthful body but I was focused on the perceived flaws. I didn’t appreciate what I had. At 22 I was happy but I’ll argue that at 43 I am even happier!

There is a peace that comes with time. A realization that we don’t need to please or impress everyone else. That it’s OK to be who we are even if that’s different. We can accept our bodies and our talents don’t have to strive to be a foot taller or anorexic skinny. We can focus on healthy and be happy with that.

It’s nice to think about the past. It’s full of memories and it’s what got us to where we are today. But I wouldn’t want to go back. The future is too bright! I’m sure Taylor Swift will understand in another 20 years 😉

3 thoughts on “Feeling 22?

  1. Your words deeply resonated within me this morning, almost to tears, almost. 😉 In all seriousness this is a very profound and deep post, thank you!

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