Boston Marathon – My Perspective

Like the rest of the nation I am distraught by the events in Boston at the finish of the marathon.  It’s difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to hurt a group of people doing good – running, cheering, supporting and celebrating together.  It saddens me that a great event is tarnished and years to come we’ll remember, worry and possibly have to make changes to protect the runners and spectators.

Boston - Quite a few years back!  I'm in the black hat and my eyes are close...but I did just run 26.2 miles!
Boston – quite a few years back! I’m in the black hat and my eyes are closed…but I did just run 26.2 miles!

I ran Boston several years ago.  It was a wonderful and exciting experience.  I had worked hard, trained, run a previous marathon all with the hope of just qualifying and then worked hard, trained, saved up (I was young and poor!) and traveled to Boston for the marathon.  The entire weekend it seemed every where my friends and I went we were greeted with “Are you here to run the marathon?”  When we answered yes, the response was always an excited – “They are here for the marathon!  You all must be really good runners!”  We felt like celebrities walking around town, eating out and getting ready/recovering from the race.  I have run other marathons and enjoyed them but never had quite the same experience.  There is just something special about Boston.

I really feel for the families directly affected by the bombing but I also feel for all the runners.  They have been deprived of their chance to enjoy, celebrate and be celebrated.  They worked hard, they earned it and one senseless act has forever changed their Boston experience.  It’s hard to celebrate when others are suffering.  While I encourage you to support and keep the injured in your thoughts and prayers, I would also tell you to congratulate a runner if you know one.  Give them back a little bit of the celebration they lost and lets minimize the impact of the terrorist.

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