What’s your Hurry?

Much of our day – going faster is a good thing!  The more you can squeeze in the better.  Getting somewhere early not late is great!  Doing more in less time – ideal.  But one place I am giving you permission and actually begging you to slow down is Pilates class.

Whether you are doing the reformer, chair or mat class – speed is not your friend.  Unfortunately, new students often think if they can go faster they will get more in!  That’s true if you are running or biking- but not in Pilates.  Pilates requires a mind body connection.  When we say mind body – it’s not about being spiritual, feeling the energy in the room or anything ambiguous.  It’s about feeling what muscles are working, getting your mind to control your body.  For example – bending your leg in and out of a perfect table top.  That control to have perfect form takes work, thought  and precision as well as understand of what you are doing.  If you move quickly – you will not be as precise.  In most cases – momentum will do the work for you.

Don’t believe me?  Try this:  Pick up an object with some weight (book, can, purse – something you can hold in one hand).  Swing your hand up and down moving the object up and down several times.  Now – slow down – take 10 counts to lift and lower the same item.  I bet it feels quite a bit heavier!!  As you slow down – you muscles need to work the entire time.  In Pilates – doing 10 perfect movements will yield much better results than 3 sets of 12 sloppy fast movements.

So please rush to Pilates class but slow down once you get here!

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