Being So Good

I saw a phrase scrawled on a wall the other day that caught my attention and really sunk in.  It went something like this:

Be so good that if people were to say bad things about you no one would believe them!

Slightly different quote but same idea!

It’s not profound really or poetic but I think it makes a really good point.  We can stand at the top of mountain and scream as loud as we want about how good we are or we can quietly be the example.

I do my best to take things in stride and not let the small stuff ruffle my feathers, but I am human!  Maybe if I can remember it’s my actions that are speaking louder than my words, it will be easier to not sweat the minor annoyances.  For example, as an instructor I read articles and see examples of fitness practices that are not safe.  New trends pop up that may be fun and burn calories but may not be structurally good for every body.  I could exert a lot of effort telling everyone why Pilates could be better for them or I could simply show them with the results they get from a pilates class and the education I bring to each session.  Which one would have more impact?  I think feeling the difference would go a lot further!

I’ve recently run into an issue with another studio who appears to have copied my logo despite the fact that I have a trademark.  I could pursue legal action and fight for what’s mine or I could pour my energies into making myself the best choice for where to do Pilates instead.  I’m choosing the later.  In the long run – I benefit from monies spent on training and conferences not legal fees and so do my students.  And while it’s unfortunate to have to deal with these sort of issues if I choose to be ‘so good’ does it really matter in the end?  Won’t my students come to see what I stand for and what my competition stands for?  If I practice integrity, professionalism and truly strive to give my best to each student and session isn’t that what it’s all about?

As I go about my day to day life – I’m going to try to keep that little phrase as my go to mantra so to speak.  When faced with a choice of reacting or proceeding forward – I hope this will help me make the ‘be so good’ choice.  We only have so many hours in the day and so much energy to expend – I’d rather spend mine actually being good not telling people I’m good!

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