I recently had a conversation with a friend about food.  It’s our perception that food prep has become simpler.  I remember looking up recipes 10 years ago and there were so many steps and ingredients! It was overwhelming.  Now I find the recipes I love the most tend to feature a few ingredients and a few seasonings.  This is a trend I can get on board with!!

Hash - fresh from the oven!
Hash – fresh from the oven!

I think (and hope) that we are realizing how much better it is to eat real food.  Real ingredients have flavor so we don’t need to drown them in other ingredients.  Fresh foods are full of nutrients, and taste – the more we can use real ingredients the better our meals will taste and we’ll feel.

I was recently at a breakfast joint and had the pleasure of enjoying their hash with the same friend mentioned above.  We loved it so much we went back the next day, ordered more and asked how they made it!

We did a little experimenting and came up with what we think is the recipe.  And we serve this as a side dish at dinner but it could be a breakfast option too!

I thought I’d share the recipe with you so you can make and enjoy.

Daily Dose Hash


1 yellow onion

mushrooms (I’ve used regular and baby portobellas) – a small package or as many as you like

Butternut squash – I bought a package at Kroger and also Costco (this is one of those recipes where you can add more of this or less of that with no real issues so add as much as you like!)


Deliciousness – Hash, grilled chicken and forbidden rice


Olive Oil

Garlic or Garlic Salt

Fresh Rosemary (or dried rosemary if that’s all you have)


Chop up squash if it’s not already chopped.  Set oven to 425 (we like to use the convection but no worries we’ve tried it without and it works fine but will take a bit longer)

Spray a baking pan or dish with non-stick spray, mix butternut squash with seasonings and olive oil (enough to coat lightly). Bake for 25-30 minutes.

In the mean time, in a skillet sauteed onions and  mushrooms together with a bit of olive oil.

Add sauteed onion and mushrooms to butternut squash and continue baking for 5-10 minutes until squash is soft.


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