A Private Session May Not Be for You!

A Private Session May Not Be for You!

I often get asked who should use a personal trainer or take private pilates sessions.  Sometimes the question is posed more like this “Aren’t group classes just as good and much cheaper?”  So – to clear up any confusion – here’s my list of reasons a personal session may NOT be for you!
1.  You prefer to hide in the back of the class and hope the instructor can’t see you take breaks or opt out of exercises you’d rather not do.  In a private session there is no hiding but you also have more say in your workout. If you tell your instructor that you don’t like a certain exercise she may change it out with another one that works the same muscles.  That’s not to say you can opt out of everything that is hard!  I have clients who have wrist issues – we avoid high planks or use dumbells so as not to aggravate the wrists.  Because we are one on one we can have this dialog and make these changes.

2.  You tend to show up late or like to leave early. In a private session you are paying for your time – showing up late or leaving early is only going to cost you money and results.  I generally have a workout plan for my clients ready when they arrive – cutting the session short means we miss part of the plan.  If you really only want to workout for 30 minutes or 45 minutes – consider asking for that option rather than showing up late or trying cut out early.

3. You prefer to go through the motions and don’t really like or want to think about what you are doing.  It’s just not possible to go through the motions and miss the connection in a private and that’s a good thing.  The more in tune you are with your body and how your muscles engage – the more effective your workout is.  The secret is not heavier weights but better form and connection. If you don’t want to put some thought and effort in- skip private sessions.

4. Your main reason for going to the gym is social hour.  While I do get to know my clients and we do chat about our weekends and such – there is also a time for work and when you are working out and doing the Pilates breath – you can’t be chatting about the latest Kardashian scandal.  Make a coffee date for social time and use your workout for a workout.

5. You really just go to the gym to use the steam room/sauna. If your goals are more about time away from the kids, relaxing, taking long showers – a private session may not fill your need. I’d say book a spa day instead.  Why waste time hiding in the back of a class so you can steam after?

6. Your goal is to impress people with how many classes you’ve taken.  While it may be as impressive to say you work with a trainer, you won’t be able to claim butt buster, cardio killer and spinning all in one day.  And have you noticed the folks that are killing it in class after class are generally not getting the results they want despite their efforts.  One effective hour with a trainer that understands your goals and creates a program just for you would be better time spent.

7.  You really don’t want to see results.  That might seem like a ridiculous thing to say but I have come to the conclusion some folks prefer to stay as they are rather than really make changes.  They are content with their routine and have accepted their physique.  They may complain about it but they aren’t willing to make the true effort to change.  Unless you want to do the work – you may be better off hopping around and chatting in a group class.

This post was meant to be tongue and cheek, but I hope I also made the point- Private Sessions are a great way to really work on what you need to work on, learn proper form, be efficient with your time and reach your goals.  If you are ready to see changes and learn the right way to do things- private sessions may be for you!

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