At Home in a Home Studio!

I have a home pilates and personal training studio equipped with a treadmill, spinning bike, 2 balanced body reformers with all the toys and a variety of other tools and goodies.  From time to time I am asked ‘when are you planning on moving out of your home and opening a real studio’. (It’s important to note- this question does not come from my clients but from others.) I believe there is a lot of benefit to a home studio and even some benefits you won’t find in a larger studio. And ask my students, they’ll tell you the workouts are just as real!

Here’s why a home studio may feel like your workout home too!!

1.  Truly private workouts.  When you come to my home for your session – you are the only one there.  There is no fear of others working on other equipment watching or questioning your skills and abilities.  Many of my clients are not comfortable working out in public.  They really like the completely private workout a home studio provides

2.  One on One attention.  It should go without saying- you get all of my attention.  No one else is going to interrupt to ask a question or need assistance.  Because it’s you and me – it’s a safe space to ask any questions you have or try new techniques without feeling self conscious.

3. Reserved parking.  You will always have a parking spot in my driveway – so no need to worry about circling a parking lot, paying for parking or having to leave your car on the street

4. More flexible scheduling.  I work from home so there is no issue with having to commute in to the studio and fight traffic.  If I am home and the time is not already booked- it’s yours!  Many studios only book certain blocks of time for privates.  I do try to take Sundays off – but during the week I can usually accommodate your request with a little advanced notice.

5. No need for a lock or locker.  It’s just one less thing to worry about – getting to your locker, remembering your combination and cramming all your work clothes in.  Who needs that?  At my home studio – you are always welcome to use my bathroom to change and never have to worry about your stuff being moved or even stolen.

6. No subs.  When you show up for a workout with me – that’s what you get.  You’ll never find a sub in my place or a workout that’s not the same or up to par.  Other studios in an effort to keep schedules set will sub classes and try new instructors.  Some are great and some may not be up to par.

7. No mirrors.  My home studio does not have walls of mirrors because you get me instead to check your form and be your mirror.  I often hear students at gyms complain about not wanting to be next to the mirror or feeling self conscious at their reflection not looking good.

8.  Babies welcome.  It’s your hour and if you need to bring along your little one to nap or coo in the room while you workout – be my guest!  Working out can be hard for mom’s with little ones at home and the expense of a babysitter and a session can be too much.  I’ve even had one mom bring along her 10 year old to do homework while she worked out.  Have a special circumstance- just ask!

9. Credentialed and up to date teaching.  This is my business. I take great pride in making your experience great and staying up to date, learning new techniques and keeping my certifications current.  I challenge myself to keep your workouts safe, interesting and varied.  Often instructors at gyms or studios only teach on the side, making it difficult to keep up their learning, credentials and devote the same amount of time to their practice.  I’ve been in that situation in the past so I know even with the best of intentions, a full time job on top of teaching limits what an instructor can find time to do.

10. I get to know you.  Because our time is one on one and this is my business – I get to know my students.  I remember your issues and I’m going to notice if you seem to be struggling or are ready to progress.  Working with the same instructor means you get consistent workouts that challenge you where you are ready to be challenged.

11. No makeup- no problem.  Have you ever felt like you needed to dress up or put on make up to go to a studio or gym because of who you might run into or who you know you’ll see??  A home study takes all those concerns away.  No makeup – no problem!  And if you haven’t done laundry yet – come in your mismatched socks. There’s no judgement or gossip here.

These are just a few of the many benefits a home studio has to offer.  Next time you are considering where to workout – consider checking out a home studio!

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