Back on the Mat

pilates_0170Last week I resumed teaching mat pilates class at a nearby gym – Physiofit. I used to teach several mat classes a week at various gyms and outdoors in the park. The busier I became at my studio, the more I cut back until I was no longer teaching mat classes. Sure, we do some mat inspired work on the equipment and sometimes I’ll even have a student get on the mat and do a few movements I find their body needs. Those are not the same, however, as a dedicated mat class.

It was truly fun for me to be back on the mat teaching a full class.  All of the students were new to me and most new to Pilates. I love showing new students Pilates for the first time. I love seeing as their eyes are opened and they make connections in their body for the first time. Some of the comments from class:

“My core was quivering!”

“Boy those tiny leg circles sure put me in my place – apparently I need to do more of those”

“I’m going to feel this tomorrow”

“Clearly I need more of this”

That is what I love about new students and their first experience. I can preach the benefits of Pilates all day but until you try it for yourself and feel it for the first time – you just won’t know! What I love about mat class is anyone can do it. I had a woman who is an amputee in class and she was just as capable and able to perform the work as the next person. While we did not do anything needing a modification – we could modify in the future if needed. We sometimes think Pilates is for women but I bet if you asked the gentleman in my class he’d tell you a different story!

Whether you are on the reformer or the mat – Pilates makes the body strong, healthy, balanced and it just feels good!


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