Pilates for Children

IMG_2791I am happy to report there is a growing movement to introduce children to Pilates. Studies show children who do Pilates at school are better behaved, healthier, have better control of their emotions, and test better, too! It seems schools don’t spend as much time teaching human anatomy these days and Pilates is one way children can get better acquainted with their bodies. Pilates can help children start early making mind-body connections and understanding how to move better.

I have had the opportunity to teach several children on the reformer. It is something I really enjoy. I find it is quite different for girls vs. boys. Boys are usually more confident and want to try it all and want a challenge. Girls tend to be more insecure and concerned about doing things right. Either way – with children – my emphasis is on the movement and less about being perfect! Pilates for children in my opinion should be about building body confidence and awareness. For both girls and boys, it is an opportunity to introduce the idea of good posture. It is an opportunity to address how to carry heavy backpacks, sitting up straight, and other pointers that may not be as well received by Mom or Dad!

Whether your child is awkward or excels at sports, Pilates could set them up for better success. Learning about the core could help prevent injuries in the future, too. Just think if you had learned about your core at 11 or 14 years old??


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