What We Can Learn From Prince

IMG_3680What can we learn from Prince about movement, health and self-esteem?  We can learn a lot, actually!

As an black man who only stood 5’2″ tall, he had a quiet confidence we could all aspire to have. He made bold choices in fashion and music, and did not let the opinions or critics affect those choices. As a man, he wore heels and told reporters it was sexy and women seemed to believe it, too! Can you imagine the men in your life daring to walk around in heels??

He was respected by his peers. You’ll be hard-pressed to hear another musician tell a tale of a negative experience with Prince. He stayed true to his religion and his beliefs and did not let society change that. He was not threatened by other artists and in fact helped many up-and-coming artists find their way in a difficult business.

Prince, unlike many artists, did not smoke or drink or do drugs. He held dance parties for his fans with the rules being no drinking, no drugs and no cursing. He encouraged movement and made dancing fun, cool and acceptable. He was a vegan and cared about what he ate and his health. He played basketball regularly and is said to have made all his shots!

Prince was also very philanthropic and he did so in a quiet non-boastful way. Often times the benefactors did not know Prince was the one who helped them out. His generosity is something we can all learn from. You do not have to be wealthy to give back.

I think most of all what we can learn is to be yourself, prioritize healthy choices, love, give back, and don’t stop moving.

Prince will be missed but let’s move this week in his honor!






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