All New Functional Movement!

Working on functional movement!

In the world of health and fitness, buzz words often emerge. Some years ago all the talk was about heart rate monitors and aerobic vs anaerobic workouts. Next up all things ‘bootcamp’ became the rage. Then ‘barre’ became the next new workout … and of course we can’t overlook Crossfit.

Today the buzz is about movement … functional movement. You don’t have to look too far to find many options for training and classes in this new phenomenon of ‘movement’. Everyone is touting it as the next big thing and something new!

What is funny to me is movement is not new! Movement is what we in Pilates have been doing for many, many years. Joseph Pilates patented his first piece of Pilates equipment in 1925 (give or take a year!) Pilates at it’s core is functional movement!

In my line of work as Pilates instructor, I work on improving range of motion and proper movements with strength. I’ve been in the functional movement game way before it was cool!  I receive emails, flyers and notices about ‘new’ trainings and certifications that at their ‘core’ (pun intended!) are actually based in Pilates.

While I am pleased to see the idea of movement becoming popular and getting good press, let’s give credit where credit is due! Let’s remember Mr. Pilates who was ahead of his time preaching movement and alignment and functional training.

So no matter where or how you choose to explore and embrace functional movement – please do and please thank the master himself Joseph Pilates for discovering this new idea almost 100 years ago 🙂

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