Variety is the Spice

pilates_0370This year for Thanksgiving, I made the usual feast – turkey, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and so on. I also tried a new recipe for yellow squash. It can be risky to experiment on such an important eating holiday! I’m happy to report my experiment paid off and we have a new side dish we love!  We often make yellow squash. We’ve made it so much so that at times I just need a break from squash and need some variety. What made our holiday squash exciting and something we’ll make again soon – the addition of fresh rosemary. Just by adding this new herb to an old favorite – we rediscovered squash.

I believe it’s the same with your Pilates class. If we did the same class every time, over time you would become bored and perhaps somewhat complacent. For this reason, I ‘spice it’ up for you and challenge you with new moves, different counts, a different choreography and so on. Pilates never has to become boring or stale if we keep spicing it up and surprising the body.

Sometimes we find a movement our body really needs. Take extension for example – many students need and crave extension to undo hours hunched in front of a computer. We can get extension in several different movements. We can hold these movements. We can slow them down. We can add a twist or change the breath cycle. The beauty of Pilates is we have lots of ‘spice’ to work with.

Explore the spice of your next Pilates class and here is my new squash recipe so you can spice up your dinner, too!

Rosemary Squash

4-6 long neck yellow squash (I used the spiralizer but you could just chop it thinly)

1 yellow onion chopped

3-4 strips bacon cooked and cut into small pieces

Splash of Olive Oil

Fresh Garlic

Sprig of fresh Rosemary chopped

Prepare bacon and set aside. Using a clean skillet, heat olive oil and then add chopped onion.  Add in squash and garlic, tossing and turning often. Add in bacon and fresh, chopped rosemary.  Continue cooking til squash reaches desired texture (some prefer more or less crunch).

Serve and enjoy!

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