The Gift of Giving

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.27.03 AMWho doesn’t enjoy getting presents? The anticipation, the pretty wrapping paper, the wonder of what’s inside, and the delight of a new treasurer. Presents are fun. Presents put a smile on our faces. Do you know what else can put a smile on your face?? Giving!

Presents may be a part of the holiday tradition but let’s not lose sight of the fact the act of giving is the true present. Generosity whether monetary, in kind, or in words can be the best gift we give ourselves. There is true delight in making someone’s day, surprising a friend, or helping a stranger.

You don’t have to be wealthy or have lots of idle time to give. There are many ways to give this holiday season. You may choose to purchase a Starbucks for the stranger behind you, pay an unexpected compliment, or pause to the hold the door for someone with an armful of packages … small acts and gestures of kindness spread happiness!

To help get you in the giving spirit, I am including a list of simple ways you can give this Christmas:

  1. It’s the Holidays. Period.  I am positive any woman can relate to that awful feeling of realizing you don’t have a tampon when you need one! What if that was every month? We don’t think about the cost of feminine supplies but when money is scarce these necessities can be hard to afford. Here is your chance to either donate feminine products or make a financial donation to help your fellow women in need. Click the link to find out where you can drop off product or to donate money.
  2. Share the Warmth – Edley’s Coat Drive Edley’s will have donation boxes at both locations until December 23 for their coat drive! For every donation of a coat, scarf, pair of warm gloves, or new socks, you’ll get a free dessert. Share the Warmth! Clean out those closets and let’s help our neighbors stay warm this winter.
  3. Salvation Army Buckets – Just about every grocery store has one and a cheerful worker happy to collect your change. This is a good way to get the kids involved by having them contribute the change.
  4. Support your favorite Charity. Send a check to support your favorite charity this holiday season. Whether it’s your alma mater or a cause close to your heart, your donation will help and is also tax-deductible. Double win!
  5. Goodwill – So you dug through your closets to find your coats, hats and mittens for Edley’s and found a few more things. Donate them to Goodwill to help folks shopping on a budget.
  6. Starbucks Gift Cards – Be the coffee angel! Purchase a handful of $5 gift cards and when you see someone having a rough day or doing something great ‘treat’ them to a cup of coffee by handing them a gift card. You’ll be surprised how much happiness is brewing in this small gesture!
  7. Acts of Service – Give your time. Whether you choose to volunteer at an organization like Second Harvest or help out an elderly neighbor by raking their leaves – the gift of time is precious and appreciated!
  8. Books! I don’t know of a metro school that wouldn’t be pleased to receive the donation of new or gently used books for their library. (Make sure the books are age appropriate and you may want to check with the school before purchasing to avoid duplicates)

There are so many more ways you can give this holiday season. I hope this list gives you some ideas and gets you giving, smiling and happy.

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