Pilates as Physical Therapy

Your new therapy friend!

In September I’ll be heading to Chicago to participate in a Pilates Training program called ‘Prime’. The emphasis and purpose is to utilize Pilates for rehab and also to address chronic conditions such as MS, Parkinsons and more. I have had the opportunity to work with various students covering a wide variety of conditions and stages of rehab. I have done my own research but I am excited to learn more!

Other exciting news I have been wanting to share with all of you is the Pilates Method Alliances is working to get Pilates recognized as a form of therapy – not just a fitness tool.  What that means for you is in the future you may be able to use your insurance or HSA funds towards your Pilates sessions. This may also make it easier for you to leave work to come to a Pilates therapy sessions much like you might go to the dentist or chiropractor.  It is nothing new that Pilates has been used as therapy.  Joseph Pilates himself used Pilates or Contrology as he called it to rehab injured soldiers and later to rehab injured ballerinas. Pilates at it’s core was designed to recondition and improve the body. Many physical therapists utilize Pilates in their practice.

It’s a wonder it has taken this long for the medical community or insurance industry to officially recognize Pilates as a therapy!

I am excited to continue to learn in this area and have knowledge for you should you ever need it. I also aspire to use Pilates to KEEP you healthy!  Many of you have requested knee exercises, shoulder exercises and so on to prevent issues. We can do that, too!

Pilates is a such a wonderful tool regardless of your current state – there is an application for you!

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