I have a lot good going on in my life right now! I really do! I am grateful to be able to work with wonderful students, have a thriving business, a supportive fiancé and so much more! Seeing my dream become a reality has been something I don’t think I can put into words. I knew I wanted to have a Pilates studio several years before I took the leap. Even when I started – I was tentative and also begin a marketing business. I knew I could pay the bills with marketing if Pilates didn’t takeoff.

In the beginning I split my time between marketing consulting and teaching Pilates. It was a nice mix. I wasn’t busy enough with either alone so it worked well to have the two businesses. I have been fortunate to have both my businesses flourish and exceed my expectations. I have had incredibly busy times when both businesses need much of my attention. Each time I run into one of these weeks or months, I wonder if the time has come to choose?  I always knew if things went well – I would eventually have to pick one! But eventually a slow down occurs and things go back to humming along for a while.

I’ve been wrestling with a lot of decisions lately.  Should I expand the studio? Should I hire another instructor? Could I find someone I feel good about and that will care as much about the details as I do?  Should I seek more marketing work? Should I work less so I can be present for my family more? And so the list goes on and on! After much thought, I’ve realized I need to focus first on what’s most important and the rest will fall into place.

For me, my priorities have shifted some through the years. I no longer care about a title or corner office. But I do care to be doing something I love. I’ve spent far too long working at something I didn’t enjoy for a paycheck or lifestyle. I care about having time to spend with my fiancé and my future step kids. In the beginning of build my business, I was more likely to work at 5:30am or 8pm in the evening. Now I want to be able spend time with my family. Quality of life and happiness are key. Having time to take care of myself is key. Reaching the goals I’ve set for my Pilates business and continuing to grow in my knowledge is key.

I am going to keep focusing on what matters to me and that may mean letting go of some things that don’t help me reach my goals. That may mean putting my energy in different places or just one place. I know that I still love Pilates and love teaching and that’s not going to change. Maybe some others things will?  It’s a good crossroads to be at and a good time to take stock. It’s a good time to make sure the path I’m on is the one I want to be on.

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