12South Family!

Family Fun Times!

I had a recent discussion about what family is with a six year old. Being young and having experienced less, his initial view of family was very literal. At six, family is often defined as your mom, dad, cousins, and grandparents.

As adults we tend to form our own families. We get married, for example, and embrace a new family. Or we embrace a friend’s family as our own joining in their traditions, celebrating the highs and supporting each other during the lows. We may be an unofficial ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ to a friend’s children. Sometimes our girlfriends are our support system and our family. As adults, we realize family is more than genealogy! We have a say in our family and the people that are most precious, dear and important to us.

I also like to think, 12South Pilates students are a family. One of the aspects I have really loved about my studio and my students is the community of great people that have formed in Pilates classes.

I never enjoyed going to fitness classes or Pilates classes with a bunch of people I didn’t know who were too busy to say hello to each other. I’ve always thought it was odd to workout next to someone and not be friendly. For that reason, we do things a little different at 12South Pilates! For that reason, everyone is introduced at the beginning of class so we are not strangers and our support community can grow.

Women who may never have met have become friends. Ladies with similar interests have found each other. Others with very different lives have also learned from each other and grown together. We are family at 12South Pilates. I love to hear and see my students taking an interest in each other’s lives, supporting each other’s goals be they Pilates or otherwise. We are a community. And isn’t being healthy so much easier when we make it a family thing?

Family can mean different things to different people. I think most would agree family be it biological or chosen is an important aspect of our lives. Embrace your chosen family and welcome to the 12South Pilates family!

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