Thank You Notes

Photo Credit: Target
Photo Credit: Target

When I was a kid, my parents made sure I wrote thank you notes.  If I received a gift for my birthday or cash for a graduation from a relative, I wrote a note. My relatives expected it, too.  I remember hearing my Great Aunt T say to my mother that she had not received a thank you note from my cousin for a check she had sent her. She was disappointed for sure!

I have a Pilates student who is a teacher and requires her students to write a thank you note to someone at the school each year.  She said, “I don’t care if I don’t get any notes, there are plenty of teachers who should be thanked.” What a nice idea!

Today with text, email, and Facebook the practice of writing a thank you note seems to be slipping away. Isn’t it fun to get mail that isn’t a bill? Isn’t it fun to find a cute card or note waiting for you?  I say we bring back the thank you note!  Each of us could probably think of half a dozen people we could thank right now.

Maybe it’s the friend who lent you a clutch for that special event or a workout partner who keeps you motivated or a significant other who took care of the kids or chores so you could do what you need … the list could be endless! How surprised would each of these folks be to receive a little thank you note from you?  The time spent writing is minimal but the smile you put on someone else’s face could last all day!

My challenge to you today is to write a thank you note to someone who deserves your thanks! Who knows – maybe you will receive one, too!


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