Summer Break!

Is is just me, or does it already feel like Summer is moving too fast? The kids are barely out of school and already we seem to have the next few months scheduled, booked and planned away! Between summer camps, visiting family, and trying to maintain the same workload … it hardly seems like there will be time to relax and take a break! This summer, however, my goal is to breathe and enjoy!

Take time to enjoy this Summer Break!

On memorial day, I worked in the morning (self-employed people I’m sure you can relate to no vacation days or holiday pay!) After wrapping up with my last student, I started making a list of everything else I needed to do. I had an item to return to the mall, I needed to make a Costco and Target run, the grass could use cutting and so on. I could easily have spent the rest of my day doing all of these tasks! Some Memorial Day, right?

Instead, I decided to go read a book at the pool for an hour and then get in a good run at the Greenway. After both of those and showering, I realized I had time to knock out a couple quick errands still, too!  The difference, however, is I felt relaxed and happy from the little bit of down time, exercise and break.

There will always be things that need to be done. The to-do list is never ending. I think we are more productive and happier, however, when we do take a little break or refresher. No one can be efficient 24/7.

I often hear clients and would-be-clients lament that their just isn’t enough time for them to workout. It can be tricky and may take some clever scheduling, but I believe it can be done if it is important to you. It might mean packing your workout clothes and taking them to work or to pick up the kids. It might mean skipping some TV watching. It might be starting the laundry before you head out and putting it in the dryer while you shower.

The key is to not feel guilty taking a bit of time for yourself  – to relax, clear your mind or work on your body. These ARE important things. We are better and healthier when we give ourselves time to de-stress, exercise and just be. We are better friends, better workers, better family members and usually more efficient, too!

While it may seem impossible – try to take a break this summer. Take a walk with a friend and catch up! Linger and drink your coffee for 20 minutes instead of rushing right off. Flip through a magazine before starting dinner. Make yourself a priority, too!

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