Setbacks, Hurdles and Trials

As my local students know and have probably heard me talk about more than they’d care for, I was very much looking forward to a vacation to Santa Barbara last week.  We had plans to bike, run trails,

IMG_1522explore, and one of the highlights for me was going to be a private Pilates lesson with an instructor I have followed online but not had the chance to meet before.

Vacation began splendidly!  We spent our first afternoon walking around town and exploring. Day two was a full day bike excursion.  Day three began with running some of the many local trails.  Unfortunately, I had a bad fall down a hill while running, resulting in several scraps, cuts, bruises, and a fractured arm.  Day four would have been my Pilates lesson but with my arm in a sling – this was no longer an option.  I did still check out the studio and met the owner and was further convinced it would have been a wonderful experience.

As an active person, it’s difficult to be in a situation of having to take it easy.  I soon discovered how limiting it is to try to do things with just one good arm.  Try putting your hair in a ponytail with one arm!

I was still excited to come back and see my students. I knew I could still teach reformer classes.  What I discovered on that first day surprised me, though.  I was a little saddened watching my students work hard and realizing I couldn’t do what they were doing for a while.  I do Pilates most days and now I found myself a bystander not able to participate. Prior to vacation, I had been running more and working harder at some new Pilates challenges. I felt myself getting stronger and it felt good!  Now I wondered how much of a setback this darn arm was going to be??

I gave myself that day to feel a little blue and little sorry for myself.  By my second day home, I knew I had a choice to make.  I could embrace my ‘injury’ and use it as an excuse to be sedentary or I could use my strength to figure out how to make the best of my current situation.  I realized I could still do leg work and some modified core work.  I could walk the hills of my neighborhood and even ride a spinning bike if I stayed in the saddle.   While, I know I will have work to do to rehab my arm and I may lose some ground, I don’t have to give up!  Doing a little something now will make recovery quicker and rehab easier.  And having the Pilates equipment at my disposal will make rehab that much easier and accessible!  This is also a great opportunity for me to learn and experience first hand what some of my clients face with various injuries and issues.  I can practice on myself if you will and understand first hand the rehab process.

We are all faced with occasional setbacks, hurdles and trials.  It’s how we respond that matters.  Do you throw in the towel? Or do you find a way to keep going and do the best you can?  It can be frustrating, but one of the best ways to relieve frustration is to find a physical outlet!  Instead of focusing on what you can’t do – focus on what you can. Celebrate your successes and pat yourself on the back for keeping up the good work!  And most of all don’t beat yourself for your limitations – they are temporary.  Remember there is a finish line to your hurdle and you will get there mentally stronger.

(note- While I may be eager to jump back in and find ways to workout – all I have done is within my Doctor’s guidelines. Overdoing it and not listening to professional advice is a recipe for more trouble and slower recovery.) 

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