Who’s Taking Care of YOU?

Today I had a new client.  I love new clients.  I love meeting new people and sharing Pilates with them.  I love seeing their response as they discover a new love!  I’ve yet to have a new client just not get it or like it.  I’d like to think because I do a good job of explaining Pilates before they try it and because the right people find me.  Maybe I’m just lucky!

Today my new client – a busy mom – thanked me after our session and said “I think this is what I need to start feeling good about myself again.”  This made me happy and sad at the same time. It got me thinking.  As women, I think we take care of everyone and ever thing before we take care of ourselves.  Whether you are a mom, single, or in a relationship there are commitments that come first.  I know I’ve let jobs, bosses, friend’s needs, and relationships needs take priority over my needs in the past.  I’ve put off taking care of myself to meet a deadline, work at a job that I didn’t like and that didn’t appreciate me, or to help someone else at my own expense.  But can we really, truly be that good to others if we don’t take care of ourselves?

When we get run down, we are more likely to get sick.  We have less energy.  We have less motivation and enthusiasm.  When we don’t take care of ourselves, we don’t feel good about ourselves.  While it can be hard to find time for ourselves – we are better for others when we do!  It’s probably those times when you feel like you just can’t that you need to slow down the most and do something for yourself!  It could be as small as a walk and some peace and quiet.  Or a manicure. Or a Pilates session.  Those little ‘me time’ activities will recharge you and make you better able to conquer the next challenge.

Investing in your own health and well-being – both the physical and emotional sides – will yield a good return!

As challenging as it may be to squeeze in that little bit of time – I bet you can do it.  It might mean saying no to something else.  It might mean the laundry waits until tomorrow or it might mean asking for help from your family or friends.  Chances are – they can see how frazzled you’ve become and would be happy to help!

You are worth it.  Make time for you!

4 thoughts on “Who’s Taking Care of YOU?

  1. I always stress and point out to folks that the mental side of our training program is equally and if not more important than the physical portion. 🙂

  2. I see this all the time with new clients. They finally get to a point where they have had it and they start doing something for themselves (in this case invest in their fitness). You are right though if only they knew that the better they treat/take care of themselves the better they can support others. Its like the quote about oxygen masks on a plane “please make sure to secure your own mask before helping others”.

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