I Can’t …. or Maybe I Can?!?

Yesterday I was working out in the studio and following along to a Pilates video from Pilates Anytime taught by Mari Winsor. You may recognize that name - she's the one credited with bringing Pilates to the masses. She's also responsible for the most successful fitness informercial ever!! If you are familiar with Pilates without having … Continue reading I Can’t …. or Maybe I Can?!?

McEntire Pilates Summit 2016

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the McEntire Pilates Summit in Rochester, Michigan. I have trained with Trent McEntire previously and just knew this was going to be good! He is innovative, kind, generous, and so very skilled when it comes to the body and movement. Escaping the Nashville heat for cool crisp … Continue reading McEntire Pilates Summit 2016