How to Make Your Pilates Instructor’s Day!

She’s doing so well we are working precision! 
Often times without realizing it little comments from students can make me smile and just really make my day! While I teach Pilates for you, I am fortunate that it is a profession that also gives back to me. It is never bad to get a little feedback from my students whether it is positive or even construct!

To be a great student – there are some pretty obvious things you can do. Show up on time or text if you are going to be late. Smile. Come to class ready and willing to try. Accept that you will not succeed at everything on the first try … or maybe even the 15th try. As your instructor, I look to challenge you when I feel you are ready. If we did the same workout every time, you would become complacent and would not get stronger. Keep in mind, there are movements that I, too, am still working on. Pilates is about progress. Sometimes that progress is a millimeter or a second longer.

Take ownership of your body. Treat it with respect. Feel what is working. Engage your muscles instead of just going through the motions. Ask questions if you aren’t sure you are getting it or feeling it. By all means speak up if your knee is acting up or your back is bothering you or you slept funny and your neck is stiff. All of these are things we can modify or address in class.

Keep in mind, that I want you to have a good experience. I want you to leave feeling stronger, happier and proud of what you have done. I never want Pilates class to be negative or a means to point out your inabilities. That being said, I will correct you when I think you are ready for the next step or I find you in a position that may create a problem for your body or is unsafe. Please don’t beat yourself up if I correct you! Take it as a sign you are getting so good I am starting to expect more precision from you. You may notice I don’t do a lot of corrections with children or new students. I believe in building confidence first and fine tuning second. I take classes myself so that I can get corrections and know what I need to work on. See corrections as an opportunity to become even better and stronger not a criticism.

Speak up! I try to acknowledge when I see that you are progressing but I also love to hear that you’ve noticed it, too. I love hearing that you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and were happy with how your arms looked. Share your success!

Do all of this and you’ll have one satisfied instructor … you know what they say Happy Pilates Teacher – Happy Students!

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