Saying YES!

I’ve had my head down focusing on growing my Pilates business, my Pilates training, and other necessary changes in my personal life this past year. It’s been a busy time, and I’ve allowed that busy-ness to keep me focused and on track. Now with the changing of the calendar, I’ve realized my hard work has paid off. After a rather rough start, 2016 ended on a high note. I feel good about where I am and also where I am going. It’s time to come up for a little air!

It’s time to live a bit more. It is time to venture out and to lift my head a little to see what all is out there. I had a conversation with a Pilates student today and she mentioned her New Year’s resolution is to try something new every month. If you haven’t realized yet, I get a lot of inspiration from the wonderful students who come through my door! What a great idea – to challenge yourself every month to try something new, to venture out and grow a bit. So I am saying yes to the new, to the unknown, to trying, and learning.

This doesn’t mean I’ll neglect my business, cut back on classes, or put my goals aside. On the contrary – I’m still plugging ahead and as driven as ever. I’ve realized a little fun mixed in does wonders for keeping the focus and commitment. It can’t be all work and no play or we burn out. I’m sprinkling in the fun in 2017.

Who knows what new things I’ll try this year. Some I’m sure will be great and others I’ll check off the list. Maybe I’ll meet some new people, too, in the process.  Certainly I’ll grow in ways unknown just yet. Here’s to 2017 – a year of discovery and yes!

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