How I Plan YOUR Class

Demonstrating a Cervical Spine Stretch to my Students
Demonstrating a Cervical Spine Stretch to my Students

I am often asked how I plan what I am going to teach. I am also asked if everyone does the same workout? Let’s take a look today at what goes into preparing for your Pilates session.

To answer the second question first – Every session is unique and designed for you or the group that is present. That is one of the things I love about being a smaller more personalized studio. I am able to really tailor my teaching to your needs. In a larger setting with 6 or more students, it would be difficult to keep an eye on each of you and select movements specific to each of your needs OR more importantly avoid movements that may cause you harm. 12South Pilates smaller design let’s me personalize your session be it private, duo or trio.

Each time a new student comes to 12South Pilates, we begin with a conversation about their needs, body, injuries, issues, desires and more. I believe it is crucial to get to know my clients. Only then can I tailor their workouts to be what they need and more than just a fitness class.

So what happens when I have 3 students at once? My policy is to require a private session prior to participation in group classes. This allows me to get to know how you move, what level you are, and what your needs are. With this information, I am able to keep your needs in mind even in a group setting. With three students we can address each of their needs. I am able to keep an eye on each students and select movements for each.

Many students come to me desiring to get in better shape or become more flexible. It is often after we have been working together that we discover additional needs, desires or benefits of Pilates with their bodies. If fitness is your only goal that is perfectly fine. Most of us are not symmetrical in our strengths and Pilates often uncovers this. You may find new goals the longer you participate in Pilates. Other students come with a specific need, for example, pelvic stability, addressing low back pain, rehabbing shoulders, managing a chronic condition and more. I truly love the challenge and opportunity each of your bodies present.

The long answer to the first question is I think about who is going to be in class and what they need. I may have a plan for the day such as working on obliques or inner thighs. This becomes the base for your class and from there I select exercises that I believe will work for you or I eliminate exercises as needed.  No two classes are ever the same! If you walk in the door and complain of tight hamstrings or an achy back, my plan may change just like that to accommodate what you need that day and moment.

It is my commitment to you and my love of training that keeps me learning and growing in my own Pilates practice so I can bring the best experience to you!


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