TRX and Pilates

TRX Suspension Training (I’m way in the back!)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in TRX Suspension Training. I have been intrigued by suspension training for a while because it uses similar principles as Pilates – stability, core work, and your bodyweight to create strength.

The TRX suspension system uses nylon bands with hand and foot loops and is suspended overhead. You apply your bodyweight and controlled movement to create the exercises. (Can you see the Pilates correlation here? Legs in straps anyone?) The system was created by a Navy Seal to assist with his training … so it has credibility!

At the training were 13 other fitness professionals, all Bootcampers and Crossfitters. To say I had the smallest arms in the room would be an understatement!  I love the lean muscles Pilates has given me and have never had a desire to have bigger arms or popping muscles. But I did wonder  – how would my lean muscles stack up on the TRX Suspension Trainer vs. the bigger muscles of a crossfitter?

I’m pleased to report – just fine! In fact, I was just as capable and able to perform the exercises. I’ve always thought Pilates uses and develops so many muscles that it prepares you for whatever life throws your way .. and this was proof positive!  And the next day – I was pleased to find after 8 hours of training, my body responded quite well. I was a little sore in my abs and that could be from about 20 versions of planks! My arms, shoulders, chest, and back felt great! It’s a wonderful feeling to try something new, feel challenged and realize the work you have done has properly prepared you for that challenge!

I love Pilates – this is not new news. But I also stand behind Pilates as an excellent way to tone and strength your body. Whether you use Pilates as your primary source of fitness or as a a compliment to what you do – you can count on Pilates to give you strength and keep you safe from injury. And TRX is not a bad option either!

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