Thigh Gap

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Thigh Gap

There has been a lot of buzz lately in the media and women’s magazines about ‘thigh gap’. What is thigh gap? It is the space between your thighs when standing with your legs together. For most this is just not achievable in a healthy way. Our bodies are meant to have some curves, muscles, tissue and even a little fat. We actually need some body fat for optimal body functions, hormone levels and more.

I happen to be a little bow-legged. What that means is I naturally have thigh gap. In fact I had thigh gap before it was cool to have thigh gap! I can remember being made fun of for my gap as a freshman in high school!! Funny how times change and what was once a ‘deformity’ is now coveted!

Women’s magazines, advertisements, Hollywood, and clothing manufacturers create unrealistic standards on what beauty is and what a ‘perfect body’ should be. Who decided being able to see daylight through your legs while standing with your feet together was beautiful and optimal? Isn’t it kind of silly when you think about it?

Rather than letting media tell us what beauty looks like – let’s create our own definition and our own standards. For me that is a healthy body, with tone and with strength. Notice I said nothing about the circumference of my thighs. We can each have our own standards. All of our bodies are unique – tall, short, big-boned, tiny frame, long legs, short waist, long torso, wider hips and so on. There is no way we can all achieve the same figure and nor should we want to!

Love the body you have – be healthy – be active – be happy!

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