Who Needs a Little Motivation?

It’s Winter, which means it’s grey, gloomy, cold, and wet. All of that can do a number on even the best of intentions.  Whether you made a New Year’s Resolution or are just struggling stick with your regular workout routine, I’m here to help!Image

Here are my top tips for finding motivation, even in the Winter:

1. Set a goal.  Pick a Spring race, commit to working out certain days a week, sign up for an event or commit to tackling something you have struggled with – like holding a plank.  Once you have your goal set – take some time to figure out how you will reach it.  What steps will you take (ie. I will practice planks 4 times a week, I will block time on my calender on M,W,F for my workouts, etc.)  And when you are questioning yourself or your goal just remember how good it will feel to reach your goal.

2. For the treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling enthusiasts – instead of watching the clock or trying to hit a certain mile marker – shuffle your music playlist and set a goal of a certain number of songs.  Today my goal was 12 songs on the treadmill and that ended up being 5.3 miles.  Had I gone for distance or time, I probably would have stopped at 4 miles.  Counting songs gave me something else to focus on and I got a better workout, too.

3. Reward yourself for a good week.  Little rewards can do a lot to encourage and motivate us.  While it might be nice to buy a new workout outfit every week – most of us couldn’t afford that.  How about picking up your favorite magazine (I recommend Shape or Pilates Style), downloading a new song on itunes for your playlist,  getting some new socks or picking up fresh flowers for your home.  Little acknowledgements of your good work can help keep up the motivation.

4. Ask for encouragement.  Social media is a great way to find some workout company.  Let folks know what your planning to do or what you have done and watch the positive comments pour in!  Some times those kind words on Facebook or twitter are all we need to get motivated.  Post this “I’m going to run today and work on my planks – ask me how I did later”  That’s one way to hold yourself accountable!

5. Post it!  Put little reminders where you will see them about what you are trying to do and why.  “I will feel so happy this summer in my bathing suit for all the hard work I have done this winter”, “I am adding years to my life”,  “Shopping is more fun when I love my body”,  “Exercise helps me sleep better and makes me stronger”,  “Strong is sexy”

6. Plan your workout outfits ahead of time.  I once had a guy friend tell me that it didn’t matter if your clothes matched when you were working out.  While in theory I agree – but I will say I look forward to wearing my favorites and feeling cute even if it’s just for a workout session.  So plan your workout outfits – if you struggle to get motivated on Fridays – reserve your best for that day.

7.  Try something new. Maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit.  Try a new class, run a new route, scramble your workout order – just do it a bit different.  Feeling a little stale – ask me and I’ll mix it up for you!  One of the many reasons I added the Pilates Arm Chair to my studio was to have a new challenge for my students.

Don’t lose sight of your goals and the hard work you have done in the past … press on!  Remember – you never regret the workout you did only the ones you didn’t do!

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