10 Day Spring to Life Challenge

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and my body – new movements to learn and perfect. I take Pilates classes when I travel to experience different teachers and different choreography. I take Pilates classes online as well to grow, flex, bend, and learn. Earlier this Summer, Pilates Anytime published a series of workouts aimed at breaking down the movements needed in Pilates and introducing Pilates concepts while moving for 3o minutes. The series is called "Spring to Life".

A week ago it was raining and I was looking for some workout inspiration so I took the first of this 10 class series. It was just 30 minutes and a nice refresher of Pilates movements. I enjoyed it but wasn't particularly challenged and that was ok. I made a goal to finish the series and not miss a day. The next day was Sunday and the day I do my long runs. I got up and did a longer, hilly run that morning. Later that afternoon I remembered the Pilates series and my commitment to do all 10 days in a row. Ugh. My body was tired. Would I already throw in the towel on day 2??  I thought about how discouraging that would be to give in so quickly. So I did the class. I was glad I did.

Day three was no issue. But I began to notice this emphasis on the building blocks and techniques applied in a slow fashion was not as easy as I thought it would be. My core was burning at times!

Day four – I had friends in town staying with me. This presented a challenge. Between teaching some, wanting to spend time with my friends, and be a good host, it would have been very easy to blow off the 30 minute workout. It would have been understandable to postpone. But I made it work.

Day 5 and 6 – I got this and again noticed this 30 minute class had some challenging moments. I noticed some areas where my form could be better and the emphasis on proper technique was a good reminder. I felt challenged at times and also proficient at others. It was a good mix of encouragement and appreciation for where I am.

Day 7 and 8 – I wasn't as busy so these workouts fit in nicely in my schedule. I was happy for the routine and happy to complete them.

Day 9 – My long run day again and I was beat after a hot, humid run in the morning. Mat Pilates was the last thing I wanted to do. I'd come so far though – I couldn't quit now! Surprisingly the 30 minutes went by very quickly.  I am sure I am better off for the stretching and lengthening in my body after my run. I am excited about tomorrow – Day 10.  It feels like graduation day! I am proud of myself for sticking with it and I feel stronger for it as well.

I'm already thinking about trying another challenge. I've enjoyed the discipline. I've benefited from the focus on form. I believe we could all benefit from taking a step back and making a commitment to work on our fundamentals from time to time. I'll be bringing some of these movements into the studio this week so you can benefit, too!

4 thoughts on “10 Day Spring to Life Challenge

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience as you have here Lucie. It means so much to me when I learn that a colleague takes part in a challenge such as The Spring to Life Challenge with me.

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