Postponing Joy

Postponing Joy or waiting until the time is right, the finances are better, the kids are older, etc. before doing what you really want to do is a topic that’s come up a lot this past week in the studio. At times it is little things we put off or deprive ourselves of until later and bigger trips or purchases we hold off on.

I’ve been reminded why this may not be the best plan many times in the last few weeks. A friend and sorority sister from college suddenly and unexpectedly passed away of a blood clot in the brain. On Facebook I noticed that she and her family had recently taken a big trip together before this happened. I can only imagine her husband and boys are grateful for this time and the memories from this special trip now more than ever. They did not postpone joy.

A Pilates student mentioned a fellow teacher she knew who just unexpectedly died. She was two years shy of retiring. I imagine she had plans for what she would do in her retirement. It is sad that she never made it to those plans and her life ended too soon.

I also read that the author and illustrator of the Llama Llama children’s books passed away at only 50 years old after battling brain cancer for the last year and half. That is too young. My younger stepson and I read many of her books together as he was learning to read in kindergarten. I imagine she had plans for more books and more living as well.

I share all of these examples with you not to depress you but to make the point – we should not postpone JOY! Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

By no means is that to say you should not plan for the future, save for retirement, invest in  college funds for kids, and work hard today. BUT there should be a balance between working hard and planning for the future and living today. The vacation you take today will reinvigorate you to work harder for tomorrow. The splurge today will make tomorrow’s overtime seem worthwhile. It’s an old be true saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Adding joy to your life instead of postponing it does not have to break the bank. It could be as simple as making time to go hike in a local park. Put the to do list aside and really enjoy the moments. Rent a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Spend an afternoon reading in the park. Drive to another city for a weekend away of exploring. Try a new recipe and invite friends over. Check out a new restaurant. The list goes on and on. If we are diligently working and saving it’s good to know what we are working towards and have a taste of it from time to time, too! Your joy may be different than mine – figure out what it is and don’t postpone it! That is my goal for myself and you today – go find some JOY!

My Joy – exploring new places!


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