Tower Power!

You are never to old for the Tower or Pilates!

I’ve been loving having the Balanced Body Tower/Reformer in our studio! I’ve loved having room for four people in our popular hours and classes. I’ve also loved showing students new moves and helping them grow in their Pilates practice.

Here are some of the many benefits I am loving with the Tower!

  1. Extension! – You hear me say this in just about every class – extension is so important and we could all use more of it! Most of use spend our days in flexion, sitting and leaning forward, driving, picking up children, purses and more. The Tower offers us many great ways to extend and lengthen our bodies. After my first week of playing around on the Tower, I felt so free in my body. I felt amazing! I can’t wait to share that with you!
  2. Roll down/Roll up assistance – I find the roll down bar is a great way to really work on perfecting your roll downs and roll ups. Most of us have a sticky point and the Tower assists us as we work through it.
  3. Therapy – The Tower offers so many options for those recovering from an injury, surgery or with a chronic condition. Just recently I was able to use the Tower for a student recovering from Achilles Tendon surgery. Sitting on the flat mat of the Tower  allowed my student to work her core and upper body while keeping her heel safe.
  4. Security – For students who don’t feel as secure with the moving carriage the Tower offers many options while sitting on a stationary surface. This is great for senior students who may have some balance issues.
  5. Tower Power – Don’t be deceived. While the Tower is great for therapy and learning movements, there are also so many challenging, advanced movements we can do, too. For students looking for the next challenge – the Tower has it!

Those are just five of my favorite benefits with the Tower. I still love our chairs and reformers, and I’m so glad to add the Tower to our whole body movement options. If you have not scheduled time to play on the Tower, it’s not too late! Come have your Tower Half Hour of Power!


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