Welcoming the Pilates Tower!

Tower fun! 

Last Wednesday 12South Pilates welcomed a new Balanced Body Reformer/Tower combo!!! I am so excited to have this piece of equipment in our studio and available for all of you. I have been wanting the capabilities of a tower/cadillac for quite some time. In our previous location, we simply did not have enough space. In the new studio, space was still a question mark and the higher than expected cost of the building was a road block for a while, too.  I had intended to open the new studio with a new piece of equipment but here we are 10 months later … finally making that happen.

Why do I love the tower? For starters this ingenious piece of equipment converts to a reformer. Now those popular times in the mornings, afternoons, and on Saturdays we have room for four not just three! And how fun would it be to have a girls night/afternoon with three of your best gal pals doing pilates and paraffin hand treatments?  YES – we can do that now!! I am still committed to smaller class sizes with four being our maximum .. this allows me to address all of your needs and teach the class that is right for you not simply what I have planned for the day.

I’m also excited to share with all of you the many exercises and challenges the tower offers. I’ve been playing around on the tower for the last few days and my body has never felt longer, freer, or stronger. I love all the extension possibilities as well as the ability to really focus and learn the roll-down properly. Most of us have that one sticky/tricky spot – both the trapeze bar and the roll-through bar are great for helping to isolate and work through those weaknesses. I’m excited for the growth I am seeing in my own practice and I know you will see in yours as well. I still love the reformer and I love trying a movement on the tower and then transitioning to the reformer to see how much better I move!

I’ve been having so much fun with our new equipment our blog is a day late! I think if you come and play on the new tower/reformer you will see why 🙂

Even the Kitten approves! 


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