Olympic Viewing Game!

Criss Cross for Brazil

If you are like me – you are going to be watching a lot of the Olympics!! I just love seeing all the competition, meeting the Olympians, and hearing the back stories. It’s not lost on me, however, that watching the Olympics can be very sedentary. As the athletes are running, jumping. swimming, reaching, striving, and doing their hardest physical challenges… I’m making a dent in my sofa 😦

But it doesn’t have to be that way!! Here is my Olympic challenge to you:

  1. Each time an American wins a Gold medal – Pilates hundreds!
  2. Each American Silver medal – Hold a plank 10 or more breaths
  3. Each American Bronze medal – Leg circles – 5 each leg
  4. American’s in the pool?  – Pilates swimming on the mat!
  5. Every tear-jerker back story – bridge/spine articulation
  6. Each story about Brazil – Criss Cross on the floor! (remember shoulder to hip focus not elbow to knee and extend those legs long)

That should keep you moving while the athletes compete!  Have fun with it- add more if you like!

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